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How one DSST family helped their school open its doors

Larry Maynard and his family were excited when they heard in 2018 that a DSST school could be opening in their Aurora community. So they attended meetings to learn more. 

Their involvement quickly expanded. Maynard and his wife served on family panels, advocated for the school, and lobbied local officials for school funding. Maynard said that their involvement came as a natural next step in their role in the DSST community. 

“When the outreach director asked us to speak at city council meetings, we did. We felt it was important to share our point of view. And because school funding is tight, the fact that we bothered to show up made a big difference,” Maynard said. 

Because of support from families like the Maynards, DSST's Aurora Science and Tech opened its doors in 2019. Maynard’s daughter is part of the founding class.

Maynard said that taking steps (even small ones) to be involved in your child's school makes an impact.

“Every parent feels education is important, but what are you doing to ensure that?” Maynard said. “We’re all busy, so I know many of us parents aren’t as involved as we’d want to be.” He recommends a few simple steps: 

  • Know what’s going on in your school by reading emails or volunteering in a classroom.
  • Know the local school leadership by meeting with your school director and researching the school board candidates in your district.
  • Vote this fall in your local school board election to support current and future DSST students.

“Those things will ultimately impact your child — and you,” Maynard said.

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