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#SeniorSpotlight -Charles Kendee

Charles Kendee is a Senior at DSST: Cole High School. As graduation quickly approaches and before his time at DSST comes to a close, we asked him a few things about his high school experience and his post-grad plans. Here's what he had to say...


What are your plans for next year?

"I’m planning on going to Yale University next year. I decided to go to Yale because I had an incredible time visiting the campus a couple of weeks ago. The community at Yale is vibrant and after a couple of days on campus it felt like a place I could call home. Additionally, Yale has a ton of undergraduate resources that interested me. The majority of undergraduates are able to do research through professors on campus or companies affiliated with Yale. Yale also has a beautiful, gothic campus that I absolutely loved exploring. The libraries, residential colleges, dining halls, classrooms, and research facilities are all meticulously designed and unique.  There are plenty of extracurricular activities at Yale, ranging from Afro-Caribbean dancing to E-Sports, and students are encouraged to start any activities that aren’t on campus.

While at Yale, I’m thinking of majoring in electrical engineering. I discovered my passion for electrical engineering during my time at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. WPI Frontiers is a summer program where students are able to pick a two-week engineering course and learn more about it through real world experiences. I was able to learn about a bunch of interesting topics, and I used that knowledge to create tangible items outcomes. I want to continue to expand that knowledge at Yale."

How has DSST pushed you to grow?

"DSST has pushed me to grow into a responsible student that has the knowledge and tools for success. I’ve learned how to study, organize my work, and apply what I learn in the classroom to the real world. These lessons will help me find success in college and my future career and I’m incredibly grateful towards DSST for pushing me to learn them."

Why are you proud of yourself?

"I feel proud of myself because I’ve managed to get through high school and get into a college I’m incredibly happy to go to. It seems like a simple task, but the hard work I’ve put into school for the last four years has finally paid off and that feeling of accomplishment is incredibly satisfying. It’s great knowing that my effort and commitment to school will ensure that I will have a successful and rewarding future."

What are you excited for your future?

"I am excited about my future because I’m going to be able to leave the state I’ve lived in for my entire life and experience a ton of new things. I’ll be able to meet new people, learn about other cultures, and explore things that interest me. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to explore all of them."