DSST's Top 10 of 2018

As we charge forward into 2019, we wanted to take some time and reflect on DSST's 2018 top highlights. From new school openings to winning the prestigious Broad Prize, there was always something exciting happening across the network. Read on for pictures, videos, and stories that capture just a few of 2018's greatest moments!

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4 Things You Need To Know About DPS SchoolChoice This Year

SchoolChoice season is nearly here, and many of you may be feeling overwhelmed about it - or maybe you simply have never completed DPS choice before. Whether you’re a new or seasoned parent, a few things have recently changed about the Denver Public Schools SchoolChoice process. Here are the big things you need to know:

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College Success at CGHS

This past fall DSST sat down with four 10th grade students at Conservatory Green (CG) High School (Joyce Caballos, Jeremiah Warren, Nicole Huerta, and Bryan Mendoza-Gonzalez)  to get a sense of their college aspirations, excitement or fears around the application process and how they want to change the world. CG High School provides resources to help prepare each of its students for the next step in their academic journey. DSST is thankful for all of the parents and DSST staff that allow students to dream big through College Success programs.  

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Turning Teen Mischief into Teachable Moments: A DSST Parent's Perspective

This post was written by a DSST parent who requested to remain anonymous.

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How DSST Staff Support Student Success

Our teachers and staff members are deeply committed to their work and if you walk through the halls of our schools, this commitment is palpable. However, this commitment doesn’t end when our students leave their schools. From hosting Saturday study sessions at Starbucks before assessments, to driving students to and from school, staff members across our campuses truly do it all.

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Announcing... Aurora Science & Tech!

Last week, we officially announced our new DSST Aurora middle school, named Aurora Science & Tech, to the Aurora community, the school will open mid June 2019. Our kick off event was attended by community members, APS staff and DSST staff and included remarks by Bill Kurtz, APS Superintendent Rico Munn and Peter Sherman, Founding School Director.  But the highlight was definitely remarks made by Mohamadou Maguiraga, who lives in Aurora and travels an hour and a half to College View High School every day. Mohamadou, showing incredible courage and responsibility, spoke about the urgent need for a school in his hometown, as well as the plans that he and the other members of the Aurora Community Design team currently have underway to engage the Aurora community and power student recruitment.

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Why middle school students don't slip through the cracks at DSST

At DSST, we believe that students thrive best in small-school environments, so that each and every student is known and supported. Beyond just having smaller grades, we have a number of programs in place to make sure that students “don’t slip through the cracks.” One of those programs is Advisory.

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Small school community, big school sports

DSST middle and high schools have a wide range of extracurricular activities, including robust athletic departments with sports like soccer, volleyball, and basketball. But, sometimes students are looking for that “big school” competitive sports environment. It usually surprises them that even so, DSST can still be the right school for them.

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The Road to College Success at DSST

Preparing students for success in college, career, and in life is written into our DNA at DSST. However, the colleges our graduates ultimately attend can either serve as a launchpad into a fulfilling career, or a frustrating roadblock to excellence. It’s why we take extra care to ensure that our students have the opportunity to choose a college that will support their academic, social, emotional, and financial needs. This spans from college fairs and college visits to using individual student and college data to help students craft their college list. Across the network, students have been participating in various activities to help find their perfect fit, because we understand that while college acceptance is a celebrated first step, it does not always mean college success. 

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2018 SPF Results

DSST Friends and Families:

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