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11 DSST students earn full-ride scholarships through Questbridge match

Recently, 11 DSST seniors across the network were named QuestBridge Match Scholars. This is the most matches ever received in DSST history. These students were matched with their college choice and will attend on a full four-year scholarship.

  • DSST: College View
    • Jacky Guzman-Nunez - Carleton College 
    • Katrina Peacock- Davidson University
    • Jorge Elias-Bardales- California Institute of Technology  
    • Laura Jaime-Gonzalez -University of Pennsylvania 
  • DSST: Montview
    • Ahmedsaciid Abdullahi-Princeton University
    • Nathan Ettefa- Northwestern University
  • DSST: Conservatory Green
    • Lewawit Hordofa- University of Notre Dame
  • DSST: Green Valley Ranch
    • Angela Ortiz-GVR-Colorado College
    • Lillian Amoako-GVR-Colorado College 
  • DSST: Cole
    • Eder Casillas-Duran-Pomona College 
    • Fernanda Andrade -Barnard College

QuestBridge is a nonprofit organization that works with the nation’s brightest, most talented students from low-income backgrounds and matches them with some of the leading institutions in our country.

“Having 11 students match this year not only shows the intelligence, courage, character, and hard work of our scholars but also the emotional and technical support they received from our college teams during this process,” said Analise Gonzalez-Fine, Director of College Initiatives. 

Students who apply to QuestBridge go through a rigorous application and selection process. This includes two essays and short answers, letters of recommendation from a teacher and counselor and additional supplemental essays to the college students' rank.

For our students, this scholarship means they can attend a top-tier institution without debt. They do not have to sacrifice books and supplies to afford room and board. Most of our scholars are first-generation college students; this opportunity will impact not only their life but also the next generation in their families.

“We know that a college degree and salary based on a college degree is the first step towards breaking systemic poverty and building generational wealth," Gonzalez-Fine said. "Most of all, we are energized to know that our students have a clear pathway to enter systems of power and create positive multi-generational change."