Community Engagement: A DSST Priority

At DSST we believe our role as educators is to prepare our students for what they need in the future - to have the courage to design and implement an excellent program that best equips our students for success in college and the 21st century and to reach their full potential. We want our students to get an education that provides them with the skills necessary to become the next generation of creators, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, inventors and leaders.

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Words Beyond Walls: a New Initiative at Cole

This post was written by Megan Casimir, a social worker at DSST: Cole and founder of Words Beyond Walls.

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DSST: Conservatory Green Students Bring Core Values to Life

Nyjah Munn, an 8th grader at DSST: Conservatory Green Middle School, noticed another student during their first week of school. Ivory Corona-Sanchez is a 6th grader, so she is new to the school, and she is also blind and working on mobility. Nyjah noticed her struggling to with cane and saw an opportunity to help.

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DSST: Montview Grad Heads to the Paralympics

Robert Tanaka, DSST: Montview High School '18, is competing in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo! He will represent the United States in the judo competition. Robert is currently a senior at University of Southern California (USC), and has been competing in judo almost his entire life.

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2021-22 Is off to a great start!

Yesterday we were thrilled to welcome nearly 7,000 students in person at our 15 schools in Denver and Aurora. Masks could not hide the joy and excitement radiating from students and staff throughout our school communities. Check out a few highlights from the day below!

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DSST Celebrates Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at DSST: Elevate Northeast High School

Today we celebrated the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for DSST: Elevate Northeast High School! Read all about the event below, plus an introduction to Founding School Director Travonda Favorite.

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Welcome new school directors!

We are excited to welcome all our new staff members, including some new school leaders! Today we're featuring two new School Directors (neither of whom are new to the DSST family!), Meghan Janci from DSST: Conservatory Green High School and Misha Hudak from DSST: Cole Middle School!

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DSST: Cole Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic August 5

DSST: Cole is hosting a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on Thursday, August 5, which will be open to all community members.

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DSST Celebrates Pride Month

When one hears, reads or thinks of the word Pride. What comes to mind? Is it pride in our country, pride in ourselves, pride in our community, or simply an acknowledgment of the joy, resilience and triumphs of one’s culture and lived experiences? PRIDE has multiple meanings for multiple people. However, Pride for our families, students, and colleagues who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community, bears another meaning. This meaning is beyond the casual rainbow flag waving in June for Pride Month, the solidarity stickers and shirts sold as a corporate marketing campaign during PRIDE parades. PRIDE has its roots, beginnings, and daily journey through the human condition in civil rights, legal rights, constitutional rights, and human rights. The right to simply exist as WE are regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, or social and economic status. Pride is about mattering. 

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Spotlight on AAPI Personnel Making History in the US & DSST Community

As we at DSST continue to celebrate the multiple cultures, experiences, and backgrounds we have in our community, we are actively seeking to spotlight the living greatness of our staff. For Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month, we wanted our staff and students, particularly, to know that there is living AAPI history right inside our schools and home office. Therefore, we want to be intentional with disrupting the narrative that AAPI is only those nations, states and territories and people that border the Pacific Ocean (most prominently Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, Japan, China, and Korea). We are well aware that Asia includes nations that border the Indian Ocean and those that border no ocean.  

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