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2018 SPF Results

DSST Friends and Families:

Denver Public Schools released the 2018 School Performance Framework results today, an annual evaluation of school performance.

DSST is proud that our schools comprised 4 of the top 8 middle schools in Denver and 6 of the 8 top traditional high schools in the city.  This continues a fourteen year track record of consistently running some of the best secondary schools in Denver. DSST: Byers was the #1 middle school in Denver for the 5th consecutive year.  DSST: Conservatory Green will be the #2 high school in the city. And I congratulate DSST: Henry MS for huge gains this year, rising to Green status.  


MS all SPF rank top DSST_Eng_words right


HS all SPF rank top DSST_Eng_words left v2

I am grateful for the outstanding effort of our students and staff who work day in and day out to create communities of academic excellence, creativity and belonging.

And I am unsatisfied with our overall results.  Our achievement gaps are too large. Our overall proficiency levels on our state tests fall short of what our students need.  Our performance in middle schools continues to be too inconsistent and, in several schools, falling short of the DSST standard of excellence.  Some of our schools are facing immense challenges with student trauma and we are doubling down our support in these schools.

DSST must get better, as our students and families deserve better from us.  And this is also true across Denver. Over half of DPS students still attend schools that are not meeting expectations in Denver Public Schools.  As the district searches for a new Superintendent this Fall, I would stress that no one should be satisfied with the progress we are making in Denver today.  We can and need to do better for our students.

We remain as committed as ever to providing a world class education for all kids.  We are humbled by the work of our teachers and students. We are hopeful and we are more determined than ever to end educational inequity in Denver.

Thank you for your continued commitment and support in service of Denver’s kids.


Bill Kurtz

CEO, DSST Public Schools