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4 Things You Need To Know About DPS SchoolChoice This Year

SchoolChoice season is nearly here, and many of you may be feeling overwhelmed about it - or maybe you simply have never completed DPS choice before. Whether you’re a new or seasoned parent, a few things have recently changed about the Denver Public Schools SchoolChoice process. Here are the big things you need to know:

      1. The window is now January 15 through February 15

For the 2020-2021 school year, the SchoolChoice window is January 15 - February 18. If you haven't completed choice in the past few years, you’ll note that the window has been moved up 2 weeks. Please take this into account when filling out your school choice form!

      2. SchoolChoice is completely online

The entirety of the SchoolChoice process takes place online and you will ultimately be notified about your placement via email. Head over to the SchoolChoice resources page on our website to learn more!

      3. You now get to choose up to 12 schools

You heard that right - now each student gets to choice up to 12 schools on their SchoolChoice application. This is up from 5 schools in previous year when approximately 83% of students received their first choice last year. Looking for more options? Explore more schools within the DSST network or use the DPS School Finder tool.

      4. Round 1 of SchoolChoice is not first come, first serve

Your student will have an equal chance in the lottery process, regardless of when you submit your application, as long as you complete it by the February 15 deadline. Still considering options for your student? Take your time, visit schools, and simply be sure to submit your application before February 15th. Additionally, if you submit your application early on and decide you want to make a change or add additional requests, you can easily do so by logging back into your SchoolMint account.

It typically takes DPS a few weeks to run the lottery, double-check results, and ultimately inform families of their placements. We know this is a big decision, and we wish you the best of luck finding the right fit for your child during the choice process.

Questions? Reach out to our enrollment team at (303) 802-4141.

DSST families: please note, you DO NOT need to complete the choice process each year if you are continuing on at a DSST school. Additionally, each DSST 8th grader is guaranteed a spot at the high school associated with their middle school.*

*This year, DSST: Henry Middle School 8th graders a guaranteed placement at a DSST high school. Please contact DSST: Henry with any questions.