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Celebrating Growth & Success in Our Schools

Denver Public Schools recently released the 2019 School Performance Framework results, an annual evaluation of school performance.

DSST is proud that our schools comprised 6 of the top 10 middle schools in Denver and 6 of the 10 top traditional high schools in the city. This continues a fifteen year track record of consistently running the best secondary schools in Denver. Of particular note, DSST Middle School @ Noel was the #1 - highest performing Denver Public School and the top middle school in the city!  And DSST: Conservatory Green was the #1 high school in the city.  

Wide MS SPF Rankings 2019_update

Wide HS SPF Rankings 2019 (2)

Here are a few ways to understand DSST's collective impact:

  • While DSST represents just 16% of DPS secondary students, we represent 51% of DPS students attending green or blue secondary schools.
  • DSST schools educate 59% of DPS secondary students from low-income families who attend green and blue schools.  As showcased in the recent 9News story, African-American/Black students at DSST school are outperforming their peers in other schools across the district and state. 

We are grateful for the outstanding effort of our students and staff who work day in and day out to create communities of academic excellence, creativity and belonging. We still have much work to do, we must continue to close our achievement gaps in all sub-groups to achieve truly equitable outcomes. 

Congratulations to all of our schools for their continued growth and success!