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Celebrating our seniors: DSST Cole High School

Today we celebrate the seniors at DSST: Cole High School! The Class of 2021 decided to commemorate their time at DSST: Cole in a special way with a time capsule. Seniors are able to add their own photos, letters, and other memorabilia, and they will open the time capsule together in seven years.

Cole Time Capsule 3

About the time capsule, by DSST: Cole senior Lucina Rojo:

The time capsule was an idea proposed by Dulce, another DSST: Cole senior. The time capsule would be an easy way for all seniors to contribute to a senior highlight project. Working with Kyla, Dulce, and Ximena, we painted on a military ammo box. We hope students will add photographs, letters or something that represents themselves from our senior year at school. We hope to dig up the time capsule seven years from June 1, 2021.

Cole Time Capsule  2

Cole Time Capsule  1