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Celebrating our seniors: DSST College View

We are thrilled to continue our celebrations of our seniors with the DSST: College View Class of 2021! Check out this video of senior Judith Cardiel sharing her thoughts on her high school journey and the bright future of the Class of 2021:

DSST College View College Success Director Justin Wellum shared that the Class of 2021's defining characteristic is resiliency. He said that this class is resilient, respectful, passionate, and ready to make their own opportunities happen!

The CV seniors experienced quite the unusual last year of high school in the middle of a global pandemic, but they faced the challenges with strength and positivity. They applied to more than 120 colleges across the country, including the most competitive colleges in CV history. They have been admitted to an average of six  colleges per student and have two Questbridge Scholars and one Daniels Fund Scholar!

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!