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Discover the DSST difference: Top 5 reasons to choose DSST Public Schools

At DSST Public Schools, education is not just a curriculum but a transformative journey. We take pride in creating an environment where students are not just faces in the crowd but individuals known and valued by staff and fellow students. As families prepare for SchoolChoice, we want to highlight the top five reasons why DSST stands out. Discover how DSST goes beyond traditional education to empower students for a lifetime of success.

1) Students are known and valued

DSST fosters close, caring relationships with students, staff and families. At DSST, every student is known and valued, empowering them to be their authentic selves. The exceptional diversity at DSST creates an accepting and cultured environment, and our teachers are passionate and caring. The overwhelmingly positive family recommendations underscore the community's dedication, love, and hard work toward the shared goal of providing an exceptional education.

2) STEM-focused curriculum

DSST takes pride in its challenging STEM-focused curriculum, preparing students for the demands of college, postsecondary programs and the 21st century. DSST is highly effective in imparting lifetime skills and powerful technological know-how. With a comprehensive list of STEM offerings, ranging from AP courses to specialized subjects like biotechnology and cybersecurity, DSST ensures that students receive a well-rounded education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

3) Proven track record of success

DSST boasts a remarkable track record since its founding, with 100% of students accepted to college or postsecondary programs. Graduates consistently express gratitude for the passionate teachers who not only prepared them for college academically but also instilled valuable life skills. DSST's commitment to preparing students to communicate effectively and make a positive impact sets it apart in shaping well-rounded individuals ready for the challenges of postsecondary experiences.

4) 6-12 campus model

DSST's 6th-12th grade campus model ensures a seamless transition to high school after eighth grade, allowing students to develop their pathways to success from middle school onwards. Parents commend the school's diversity, emphasizing how their children have made friends, grown academically and emotionally, and developed higher expectations for themselves. The high expectations set at DSST ensure students are fully prepared for the challenges of high school and beyond.

5) Support for all learners

DSST takes pride in providing support for all learners, offering a wide variety of accommodations and individualized support. DSST is committed to teaching each student in a way they can understand and learn in their unique ways. DSST's dedication to inclusivity and personalized learning ensures that every student can thrive and succeed in their educational journey regardless of their needs.

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