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DSST: Byers transforms into DSST: Cedar

DSST: Byers has recently undergone a significant transformation. After a comprehensive year-long process involving input from families, students, staff, leadership, and communities, DSST: Byers will now be known as DSST: Cedar starting from the upcoming 2023-24 school year.

The decision to adopt the name DSST: Cedar carries profound meaning and symbolism. Firstly, the campus is situated on Cedar Avenue, making the name a reflection of its physical location. However, the choice of "Cedar" goes beyond mere geography. The cedar tree itself is considered a sustainable wood, aligning perfectly with the school's emphasis on sustainability and STEM education.

Native to Colorado, cedars hold various uses in different cultures. They have long been recognized as a symbol of strength and versatility, particularly by indigenous people who regard them as a tree of life. By embracing the name Cedar, DSST: Cedar pays homage to the tree's resilience in the face of adversity, aligning with the school's commitment to supporting students in overcoming challenges.

The decision to change the name was made with utmost respect and sensitivity. DSST: Cedar intends to preserve the history of the building while actively promoting inclusivity and welcoming all members of the community.

DSST: Cedar expresses deep gratitude to the Byers communities, as well as native and indigenous representative groups, for their invaluable support and guidance throughout the name-change process. The collaboration and insights shared by these stakeholders were instrumental in selecting a name that reflects the school's values and aspirations.

DSST: Cedar remains committed to maintaining the essence that made DSST: Byers a remarkable place for learning and growth. The school will continue to proudly embrace the Falcon mascot, colors, and logo that have become synonymous with DSST: Byers.