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DSST celebrates Black History Month 2023

Throughout the month of February, our campuses held various events celebrating Black History Month with the help of Black student leaders and special community guests.



Members of the Black Student Alliance

For Black History Month, the DSST: Byers Black Student Alliance (BSA) hosted "BSA Week" with a series of afterschool student-led events including Cultural Cuisine, a Game Night, a Fashion Show, a Scavenger Hunt and a Movie Night. We asked the BSA leaders some questions about Black History Month on the Byers campus:


Gabrielle and Miriam Michael, Vice President and President of the Black Student Alliance at DSST: Byers

Why is it important to have events like this, celebrating Black history and sharing pieces of Black culture, with your whole school?

Gabrielle, 12th grade: I just think it gives opportunities to those who might not know much about Black history to learn and to have a fun time as we unite our community. We had high attendance at the Culture Cuisine, which shows that our Byers community is super eager to learn and they really want to be involved which makes me really happy.

Miriam, 12th grade: Hosting these events is really important because it allows people to get a deeper understanding of Black History Month. Yes, it's something we do every year, but getting a reminder is really important, and having these fun events unites people and brings in new perspectives. 

Throughout the year, Byers BSA meets weekly to hold space for current event conversations, movie nights, study nights and event planning.



Performers from "At the Table with Dr. King"  with students holding up signs as part of the immersive experience.

Students at DSST: Montview middle and high schools had a morning with a live multimedia performance called “At the Table with Dr. King”. Through images, song, spoken word and dance they were able to learn more in-depth about the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

IMG_6398 (1)

Nahom Leake, 11th grader at DSST: Montview

Nahom said this performance about the life of Dr. King inspired him.

"It was really engaging, at first I thought it was just going to be some picture slides... and then the three singers came out... after that, they were giving lessons too. With the singing, being active, along with a history lesson at the same time- it really opened my mind."


DSST: Montview also showcased "The Montsonian Museum of African American Culture & History", curated by Leo Ruiz. The display had Black art, records and literature throughout February in the middle school commons.



Guest Keynote Speaker Antionette Massey pictured at the "Black Excellence Assembly". 

DSST: Green Valley Ranch Middle School hosted a "Black Excellence Assembly" with a family reception, sixth-grade social studies presentations on Black artists, singers and athletes, a glee club performance and a special guest speaker!


Ms. Renetta Haynes performing poetry alongside Ms. Janeka Taylor on the guitar. 

Janeka Taylor, a middle school music teacher, said "because we have Black, African immigrant students, and just people of all backgrounds, especially from Black and Brown cultures, it's really important to help them feel seen and see their place in the community... to see their excellence". 


Graphic design by Anar Odbayar, 11th grader at DSST: Conservatory Green High School

Black history and Black cultures should be celebrated, studied, and embraced all year, not just in February.