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DSST: College View getting new home soccer field in huge win for community

DSST: College View has been trying to get a home soccer field since 2013, and after years of work and advocating for the campus, it was approved by Denver voters and a new field is officially in the works.

The nearly $2.1 million project is being paid for by bond funding approved by the voters, and the school is hoping it will be completed by the beginning of next year, according to Curt Slaughter, athletic director for CV HS.

According to legal documents, the funds will cover infrastructure and turf for a new soccer field on the newly acquired land located across the street from the school.

College View was one of the only middle and high schools in the district without dedicated playing fields, so this is a major win not only for the players, but for the community.

“The most exciting part for me in getting a new field is having more people at our games,” said Hector Contreras, DSST: College View junior. “I think the boys soccer team is the best and most successful program at the school and it’s about time we get this.”

Coach Jacob Quattrini said he has seen envy in his players when they go to games at other schools with quality facilities, so having a new field that players and community members can call home is an exciting opportunity.

“Having access to better facilities right next to the school will give access to so many more players who may have been deterred before,” Quattrini said. “Even students who do not formally participate in sports will now be able to play on the field during gym class or on the weekends.”

The boys high school soccer team has been among the top-ranked in the state, even without a home field. They just came off the most successful season ever after being ranked No.1 in the state and have remained successful even after taking a tough loss in penalty shots in the second round of the state playoffs, Slaughter said. The girls soccer team has also shown much success. According to Slaughter, they made the playoffs two years ago for the first time, taking second in their league.

“This field represents all of the hard work and commitment that every single one of our students have put in over the past seven years,” said Slaughter. “Soccer is such a huge part of the Southwest community and to have not just a field, but a high quality playing environment will continue to build pride in not just our athletic community, but our entire school community.”