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DSST: College View Student Earns Summer internship with Gov. Polis' Office

This summer, DSST: College View student Tiana Pham is participating in Governor Polis’ Executive Internship Program at the State Capitol. This selective internship is reserved for graduate, undergraduate and high-achieving high school students who demonstrate strong academics and a commitment to serving the State of Colorado.


Tiana is placed in the Governor’s Office of Boards & Commissions where she is learning the ins and outs of local and state governance, as well as assisting the Governor’s staff in board & commissions appointment processes and communications.

Before she begun this summer, we asked Tiana a few questions about her internship:

How did you learn about the internship program and what made you interested in it?

I learned about the internship program through DSST: College View High School’s internship coordinator, Mr. Ferrer. I was looking for a summer internship that involved writing since I’m extremely passionate about words and the impact it has on people, and Mr. Ferrer helped me find an internship that would allow me to have an impact on people through my writing. We decided the internship program at the Colorado Governor’s Office was a good fit.

How do you think it will help you accomplish your future goals?

I think this internship will help me accomplish my future goals by allowing me to get a sense of whether I’ll enjoy having communications as a career or if I’d rather do something else for the rest of my life. Either way, it’s a chance for me to really understand how far my writing can take me in life.

What are you most looking forward to about the program?/What do you hope to learn?

I’m most looking forward to having a new experience. I never thought I’d even step into the state capitol, and the very idea of being able to intern there is – admittedly a little nerve-racking but – mind-blowing to me.

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