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DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School triumphs with Colorado ESEA Distinguished School Award

In a momentous celebration of academic excellence, DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School stood in the spotlight on Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024, as it proudly received the prestigious 2023 ESEA Distinguished Schools award.

The assembly commenced with a performance by the school's drumline, setting the stage for a morning filled with pride and recognition. Principal Jennifer Jackson welcomed esteemed dignitaries, including Christina Adeboye Sullivan, from the Federal Programs and Support Office.

Sullivan presented a brief overview of the school's remarkable achievements and introduced the keynote speaker, Commissioner Susana Córdova.

Commissioner Córdova expressed her enthusiasm for being present at DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School, acknowledging the collective efforts of administrators, teachers, support staff and parents in fostering an environment of success. She emphasized the significance of sustained dedication and hard work, attributing the school's accomplishments to the daily commitment of its entire community.

“I know that this type of achievement doesn’t come easily. And it’s not just a stroke of luck,” said Córdova. “This type of steady, ongoing achievement is about the daily effort and the hard work that adds up over time. It’s about the energy and the dedication you put into every task. The same goes for the students. I know all of you have been working really hard day in and day out to do your best in school and to support each other. Your achievements are impressive!”

Córdova recognized DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School for being among the highest-achieving Title I schools out of the 750 in Colorado, and receiving the 2023 ESEA Distinguished Schools award.

Commissioner Córdova lauded the school's consistent high performance in Colorado's school accountability system since 2010. Notably, DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School demonstrated excellence in serving special student populations, outperforming 70% of all schools in Colorado for both English language arts and math achievements in 2022 and 2023.

To cap off the momentous occasion, Córdova announced a surprise monetary award for the school of $10,000 to support its whole-school reform efforts. The announcement was met with ecstatic cheers from the students, and as a symbolic "big check" was brought out.

“The work you are all doing is so impressive, and I’m incredibly proud of each and every one of you,” Córdova said. “This is a truly special place that I consider a model for other schools across the state. I believe we can all learn from you so that other schools can achieve what you are achieving.”