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Empower your community: Make your voice heard this election season

Voting represents a powerful opportunity to ensure your voice reverberates through the halls of decision-making. This election season, the ballot is teeming with critical issues that directly impact our community. The decisions made in this election will shape the future of our education system, influencing aspects such as school safety, budget allocation and more.

Why DSST votes

DSST votes because it is an opportunity for us to make our voices heard. This election season has a myriad of issues on the ballot that impact our community. Both Denver and Aurora have three positions on the School Board up for election. School Boards make critical decisions concerning school safety, opening and closing schools and budgets, among other topics. Statewide measures on the ballot increase school funding for early childhood and K-12 education. You can learn more about those measures here, or you can consult the blue books that were mailed to all registered voters in September. Finally, go to to commit to vote and find out information about registering to vote, reasons to vote, and dates for student-led school board forums. 

Vote Early! (If not, make a plan!)

Ballots have been mailed out, and registered voters should have received them in the mail already. You can track your ballot here. If you haven’t voted yet, you can mail your ballot by Oct. 30 or drop your ballot at a secure drop off location found here. You can also vote in person at a polling center. You can find your nearest polling center here. Election Day is Nov. 7. Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day. Don’t wait to make your voice heard!

The time to act is now, and remember, your vote counts. Vote early or make a plan to cast your ballot on Nov. 7, because your community's future is in your hands. Thank you for taking action for your community!

Reach out to if you would like to learn more or become more involved.