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Graduation recap: Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

We were so excited to celebrate our graduating classes from DSST: Cedar, DSST: Green Valley Ranch, DSST: Montview, DSST: Conservatory Green, DSST: College View, and DSST: Cole in the month of May.

At the DSST: Green Valley Ranch graduation, Caroline Gaudiani (School Director at DSST: Green Valley Ranch MS) addressed the 2024 graduates with these beautiful words: 

You will fight forward in science and medicine, revolutionizing how we cure illness while preserving patients’ rights.

You will fight forward through our legal and political systems - changing laws to make us better while inviting true discourse back into our world. 

You will fight forward in business - starting companies that celebrate innovation and offer new opportunities to your staffs and customers alike. 

You will fight forward in engineering and technology - ensuring the brilliant discoveries happening are coupled with an anchored moral compass.

You will fight forward in the fine arts - writing music and creating art that captures people’s hearts and shapes their minds.

You will fight forward for your families - partnering and parenting with influence that leaves more incredible people like you in our world for generations to come. 

May our DSST Class of 2024 fight forward as they embark on new journeys and become the leaders of our tomorrow.

Check out highlights and photos from all six of our graduating classes below. 

Seniors from DSST: Conservatory Green and DSST: Green Valley Ranch celebrated their graduations on May 17.

DSST: Conservatory Green Graduation



DSST: Green Valley Ranch Graduation



Seniors at DSST: Cole celebrated their graduation ceremonies on May 20.

DSST: Cole Graduation

Cole 2


DSST: Cedar seniors got to walk the stage on May 23.

DSST: Cedar Graduation 


DSST: College View and DSST: Montview seniors celebrated their graduation on May 26 at the EXDO Event Center. 

DSST: College View Graduation 


DSST: Montview Graduation


We are so proud of our Class of 2024 seniors and cannot wait to see all they accomplish in the future.