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Updates about DCTA vote

1/24 Update:

As we shared on Wednesday, members of the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) voted to approve a strike on Tuesday night.  We wanted to keep you posted on what we have learned since then. On Wednesday, DPS filed a request with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) to intervene in the strike. While the CDLE considers this request, the DCTA has agreed to delay the strike. This means that DPS teachers and specialized service providers will continue to report to work until the CDLE has come to a decision.  Given these events, we have been told it is unlikely that a strike will begin on Monday, January 28.  It could still begin anytime after the CDLE has ruled, but Monday seems unlikely.  To learn more about the specifics of this process, you can check out the fact sheet posted by the CDLE.

We are hopeful that this additional time will enable DPS and DCTA to find a resolution that is best for educators, students, and families.

I want to thank you again for your continued support during these turbulent events. We will continue to do everything we can to keep you informed as the situation develops.





As you know, the DCTA (Denver’s teachers union) and DPS have reached an impasse on compensation negotiations and DCTA teachers voted to strike late last night.  While many questions remain about what happens next, we wanted to reach out to share a few things that we have learned.

  • A strike at DPS schools is expected to begin on Monday, January 28, unless a last minute agreement is reached or Governor Polis steps in to mediate the negotiations.

  • DSST is not involved in the DCTA negotiations and accordingly, all DSST Schools will remain open, operating with normal schedules, regardless of any DPS strike.

  • DPS has announced that it intends to keep its schools open, staffing classrooms with administrators, subs and teachers who do not strike.

  • We have no way of knowing how long any DCTA strike will last, but regardless of length we expect to operate our schools as usual.

  • DSST schools being open will not impact the negotiations between DPS and the DCTA.

Given the current context, it is important to know that DSST remains extremely supportive of efforts to better fund K-12 education in Colorado.  To put it simply, we are in favor of growing the total amount that state and local governments invest in education and educator pay. As we did last spring at the State Capitol, we will continue to advocate for local and state legislative initiatives that increase funding in K-12 education.

Last week, as part of our planning cycle for the 2019/20 school year, we committed to a 12% average raise in teacher pay across our network. This decision was a part of an ongoing effort to increase compensation for all DSST team members over the last several years - an important priority for us.

We remain very supportive of all Denver teachers and all Denver schools. Yet we share in the concerns of many throughout our community about the impact a strike will have on our students and families. As a public education organization, we feel deeply for both sides in the current negotiations. However, as a charter network we are not party to the conversation between the DCTA and DPS and do not know the intricacies of their respective positions.

Like you, we are hopeful of a quick and fair resolution to the current DPS-DCTA negotiation.  Denver kids need all public schools and all public school teachers now more than ever, and we hope our colleagues across the city will be able to return to the classroom soon with a satisfactory resolution.

If you have any questions or concerns about the strike please contact your School Director.


Bill Kurtz, CEO 

DSST Public Schools


Estimadas familias y amigos de DSST:

Como saben, el DCTA (el sindicato de maestros de Denver) y el DPS han llegado a un punto muerto en las negociaciones de compensación y los maestros de DCTA votaron a favor de la huelga la noche pasada. Si bien quedan muchas preguntas sobre lo que sucederá a continuación, queríamos compartir algunas cosas que hemos aprendido.

  • Se espera que una huelga en las escuelas de DPS comience el lunes 28 de enero, a menos que se alcance un acuerdo de último minuto o el Gobernador Polis intervenga para mediar en las negociaciones.

  • DSST no está involucrado en las negociaciones de DCTA y, por lo tanto, todas las Escuelas de DSST permanecerán abiertas, operando con horarios normales, a pesar de una huelga DPS.

  • DPS ha anunciado que tiene la intención de mantener sus escuelas abiertas, dotando a las aulas con administradores, subs y maestros que no participan en la huelga.

  • No tenemos forma de saber cuánto durará una huelga de DCTA, pero a pesar de la duración, esperamos operar nuestras escuelas como siempre.

  • Quedando las escuelas de DSST abiertas no afectará las negociaciones entre DPS y DCTA

Dado el contexto actual, es importante saber que DSST sigue apoyando los esfuerzos para financiar mejor la educación K-12 en Colorado. En pocas palabras, estamos a favor de aumentar la cantidad total que los gobiernos estatales y locales invierten en la educación y el salario de los educadores. Cómo hicimos la primavera pasada en el Capitolio del estado, continuaremos abogando por iniciativas legislativas locales y estatales que aumenten los fondos en la educación K-12.

La semana pasada, como parte de nuestro ciclo de planificación para el año escolar 2019/20, nos comprometimos a un aumento promedio del 12% en el pago de maestros a través de nuestra red. Esta decisión fue parte de un esfuerzo continuo para aumentar la compensación para todos los miembros del equipo DSST en los últimos años- una prioridad importante para nosotros.

Seguimos estando comprensivos a todos los maestros de Denver y todas las escuelas de Denver. Sin embargo, compartimos las preocupaciones de muchos en nuestra comunidad sobre el impacto que tendrá una huelga en nuestros estudiantes y familias. Como organización de educación pública, sentimos mucho por ambas partes en las negociaciones actuales. Sin embargo, como un red chárter no somos parte de la conversación entre DCTA y DPS y no conocemos las complejidades de sus respectivas posiciones.

Como usted, tenemos la esperanza de una resolución rápida y justa para la negociación actual de DPS-DCTA. Los niños de Denver necesitan todas las escuelas públicas y todos los maestros de escuelas públicas ahora más que nunca, y esperamos que nuestros colegas de toda la ciudad puedan regresar al aula pronto con una resolución satisfactoria.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud sobre la huelga, póngase en contacto con su Director/a.



Bill Kurtz, CEO

DSST Public Schools