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Pride month is about more than just rainbows and parades

A post by Ash Gelb, Manager of Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

June is a thrilling month for the LGBTQIA community and their allies, filled with parties, parades and as much drag queen brunch as you can handle. As our favorite companies turn their logos into rainbows, it is important to remember that the first PRIDE was a riot against police brutality. And that PRIDE is more than rainbow-washed branding, it is still an important march for the rights of LGBTQ+ people. 

This year there have been a record-breaking 250 anti-LGBTQ+ legislation proposals around the nation. Most of these bills target Trans people, by criminalizing family support, medical care and forcing invasive sex confirmation practices to participate in sports. Thankfully, the State of Colorado & Denver Public Schools, in partnership with DSST, have more protections for Trans/Nonbinary people than any other state.

The need to protect our kids is why, this year, we launched our new teacher leader role: Trans Youth Advocates. These staff members worked tirelessly all year to ensure our youth had tests, seating charts and subs that honored their gender-affirming names. Our Trans Youth Advocates partnered with families and peers to develop comprehensive safety plans for our kids. Their work is just beginning, and we are excited to continue to grow this role in the 2022-23 school year. 

The science team has also worked hard this year to pilot Gender Inclusive Biology. A partnership that will continue to integrate gender and sexual orientation inclusivity into all of our science programs. 

PRIDE represents a time and place where LGBTQ+ people can be their most authentic selves. But, it is important for us at DSST that our LGBTQ+ youth & staff feel this every day. 

As you celebrate PRIDE this year please consider supporting LGBTQ+ owned stores like:

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