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Celebrating our Seniors: DSST Green Valley ranch

We continue our celebrations of the Class of 2021 with the seniors at DSST: Green Valley Ranch!

While their senior year has been far from normal, the Class of 2021 has shown incredible resilience and commitment to the DSST core values. Check out this video the class created and a reflection from GVR senior Leah Amanuel:

"Being seniors in a pandemic was quite an experience. We’ve learned a lot about our work ethic, motivation levels, and ability to focus (or not focus) at home. Online school has been a challenge for a lot of us, but the fact that we’ve made it this far says a lot about who we are as the Class of 2021. As a class, we’ve demonstrated so much effort and determination, and it’s slowly paying off as we’re approaching one of the most important moments of our senior year – graduating! We’ve found ways to support each other whether it be school related or not, and I believe our sense of community is really what sets us apart.

"We couldn’t have gotten through this year without the help and support of each other, and we should all be proud of the things we’ve accomplished. The Class of 2021 will go down in school history, so let’s take a moment to acknowledge our successes, whether it be through our grades, college acceptances, or personal goals. But most importantly, we’ve made it through our senior year in a pandemic! Congrats to everyone in the Class of 2021!"