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Senior Highlight: Byers Senior Rana Abdellatif is using her voice to make an impact in her community

DSST: Byers Senior Rana Abdellatif is a true leader and advocate! We sat down to ask her a few questions about her time at DSST, her role as a young leader and more:

Q: What was your reaction when you found out you got in to college?

A: "When I found out I got into DU, I was pretty excited and I also found out that both the university and the Department of Computer Science gave me scholarships, which was really incredible for me and my family."

Q: How did programs at your school influence your high school experience?

A: "I think DSST gave me a lot of opportunities to be a leader. When I came to Byers, there was already the Black Student Alliance and that really did help me in terms of finding a community that would be supportive."

Q: Do you see yourself as a role model for younger students?

A: "I would say that I do see myself as a role model to an extent ... With my experience I showed that even from a young age you can start an organization, you can start a club. Despite your age you still have the power and the voice within you to change some things around you."

Watch this video to hear Rana talk about her passion for both computer science and poetry, as well as how her time at DSST provided leadership opportunities through the Black Student Alliance, Muslim Student Association, Step Team, Sudanese American Public Affairs Association, and more. You'll also get a glimpse into her powerful spoken word poetry!

Rana recently helped put together a blog post about the traditions of Ramadan, which you can read here.