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Senior Highlight: CG senior shares how DSST helped him find the right path

DSST: Conservatory Green senior CJ Jones plans to join the US Navy. We sat down to ask him about his time at DSST, his goal to make a career in the Armed Forces and more:

Q: What are you plans for next year?

A: I am hoping to become a Navy diver and hopefully learn underwater welding, rescue swimming and all of those things. I hope to use those skills in my day-to-day life when I retire from the Navy.

Q: How did your time at DSST help prepare you for post-high school life?

A: DSST helped me realize that I am not a "desk person." I need to be moving and building and working, and that helped me realize the military was the right path.

Q: Do you see yourself as a role model for younger students at Senior Signing Day?

A: I do see myself as a role model for younger kids. (Joining the military) is not something that is talked about often in schools, and I feel like if they see someone older than them joining the military, they might be more encouraged to join the military themselves."

Watch this video to hear CJ share why the military is the right path for him and why he's excited for Senior Signing Day. Thank you for your service, CJ!