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Top 5 Reasons Students and Parents Choose Small Schools

When looking for the right school, size makes significant difference for students and their future prospects. Both social and academic factors impact students’ ability to learn, grow and be happy. Below are the five reasons why we find that students and parents choose smaller schools.

#1 More one-on-one teacher support

In a smaller school setting, teachers and administrators are likely to know every student in the school by name, and often know his or her strengths and weaknesses. Teachers often call on others teachers, who do not directly teach that student, to play a part in his or her development. Everyone is usually on-call in a small school to ensure students are supported inside and outside the classroom

#2 Less worry, more friends

By and large, students at smaller schools experience less anxiety and enjoy more close friendships than if they were to attend a larger school. Students tend to feel that they “fit in,” with a group because of continuous close interactions with the school community. Students also feel that they are less likely to be bullied at a small school. These factors generally lead students to join student groups or clubs, participate in after school activities, and play sports.

#3 Better organization, structure and school culture

When students know what to expect everyday, it’s much easier for them do what is right. Smaller schools are designed with intentional school-wide systems that are carried out in every classroom which help students bypass distractions and focus on what’s important - learning. When classwork and homework routines become second nature, academic performance can reach its peak.

#4 Higher curriculum standards and college guidance

Teachers in smaller school settings have the benefit of working more closely together, with their administration and curriculum developers. Curricula is often more challenging than a traditional school because teachers and admin tailor it to improve student’s weak spots and to build upon the student’s curiosities. Furthermore, small schools are laser-focused on standards that focus on college and career readiness.

#5 More achievements and joy

With a smaller student-body  and higher academic standards, students attending small schools are more likely to receive praise for the progress they make. Teachers are carefully tracking students’ growth and regularly announce their achievements school-wide. That positive encouragement will build self-esteem and drive an inner motivation to learn for a lifetime.

Whether it is learning outcomes or students’ happiness, smaller schools provide benefits that can be the perfect fit for some students over larger schools. Talk to your child about these factors and consider them as you collaborate in choosing their next school.