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Student voice: Understanding the impact and importance of Hispanic Heritage Month

A guest post by DSST: Conservatory Green student body president, Aiden on the history and importance of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic Heritage month originated as a week in 1968 and became a recognized month 20 years later. It starts on Sept. 15 and lasts through Oct. 15 because many Latin American countries declared their independence from Spain in mid-September.

The importance of the various heritage months is lost on many people. These misunderstandings stem from a misconstrued notion that any single ethnicity or race that is being spotlighted in a particular month is being put on a pedestal above others. These months, be it Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, AAIP Heritage Month or any others, are meant to recognize the people in those communities and their identities.

Part of Hispanic Heritage Month, specifically, is honoring all of the Latinx people who have felt shunned or alone in this country. The reality is that we, like many other minority groups, are underrepresented in the media. Although this is changing and will continue to change, we still do not see as many people who share our identity in higher education or certain professions as others.

Through representation we can combat any discouragement Latinx people may have; they do not have to feel isolated. Latinx people have been a part of American history since before it was American history, and throughout. They have contributed to the development of this nation far more than many may be aware.

This month is celebrated through parades, family gatherings, media recognition and other events that stem from pride and allow others to learn about and respect the Latinx/Hispanic communities and culture.

At DSST: Conservatory Green, a school with almost 60% Latinx students, we work to preserve that pride in our school. Throughout the month we have educational presentations, a Spirit Week, fundraisers and a community Hispanic Heritage event. These events are not only to celebrate but to educate and unite our community and foster cultural strength.

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