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Video Yearbook: GVR Students Celebrate the Class of 2020

When the pandemic hit and the realization came that the end of Senior year would look incredibly different than expected, two DSST: Green Valley Ranch students took celebrating the Class of 2020 into their own hands.

Inspired by what they saw on social media around them, Iris Ruelas and Julieta Cortes saw an opportunity. “I wanted my classmates to feel special, have hope, and encourage them to keep going. I wanted to let my classmates know that although we might be alone in our houses, we are all in this together,” says Iris. The two put out a request for photos and videos from their Senior class, and before they knew it, they had more than enough content to put together a video in celebration of their class - featuring memories, funny moments, and everyday experiences from their time at GVR. 

Julieta transferred to DSST: GVR during her Sophomore year and it “was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. But the people in GVR’s Class of 2020 made it such an incredible experience.”

The video the two of them created is a tribute to the resilient, welcoming, and loving community the Raptors have created at DSST: GVR.

“In the last month of high school I learned an important life lesson; when life gets hard, be the hope at the end of the road,” says Iris as she expressed the wonderful feeling of sharing the video with her classmates.

Julieta agreed, “I learned that being kind to one another and working together can make people do great things together. I’m very proud of the community we have become and very excited to see where we will all head in our next steps.” 

Congratulations to the DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School Class of 2020, we are so proud of you, too!