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Celebrating our Seniors: DSST Conservatory Green

We are thrilled to celebrate the Class of 2021! We're kicking off the celebrations at DSST: Conservatory Green High School with the school's founding class!

CG seniors mural

To celebrate the senior class’s role as the building blocks of their school community, the class decided to paint a mural on campus. They set out to create an uplifting piece about their growth together as a class that would establish a visual reminder of the important high school journey for future classes.

MicrosoftTeams-image (27)

The Class of 2021 hopes the mural will help build community pride and filled it with symbols important to their class. The blue water symbolizes the school's founding and the continuous flow of the school community, which is constantly growing and evolving. The leaves and flowers growing out from the water show how they've helped cultivate school spirit and culture. The daisy is representative of the Conservatory Green/Northfield area as a flower that grows around the school. The Indian Paintbrush plant (red/green flower) is another Colorado native flower, and it represents the school’s art community. The hornets that range from small to large represent the four years of high school and how the class has grown together.

Check out this time lapse of the mural's progress!

Congratulations DSST: Conservatory Green Class of 2021! This class is also celebrating achieving 100% college admittance, which you can read about here.