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Cole HS Teacher Finalist for Colorado Succeeds Innovation Prize

This past March, DSST: Cole High School’s Maggie Dering created a platform, Involve Board, to more easily share and connect students with opportunities. Maggie was awarded DPS’ Imaginarium Award last spring and this year, DSST: Cole, DSST: College View, and DSST: GVR will be using Involve Board to share and connect DSST students with summer programs.

Maggie’s platform, which she piloted at DSST: Cole last year, is now a finalist for Colorado Succeeds Innovation award. Maggie will be one of three DSST representatives featured at the October 3rd event, joining the DSST: GVR and DSST: Byers teams as Colorado Succeeds nominees. She pitched the Colorado Succeeds committee for funding to build a platform feature that allows students to fundraise for their summer programs directly on Involve Board.

The DSST community is incredibly proud of the hard work Maggie is doing for our students, and for other students across Colorado, “I hope kids across the state are able to benefit from my project and get connected to opportunities”. We’ll be cheering for her, and our other Colorado Succeeds finalists, on October 3rd!