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DSST and Other Charters Lead on Colorado State Test Results

Colorado state test results have recently been released for the 2018-19 school year and a few celebrations are in order!

First, a shout out to Denver’s charter schools for their support of students with special needs. For Colorado’s 2019 middle school standardized test (CMAS) growth - charters made up the top 5 schools for literacy growth and 8 of the top 9 for math growth for students with special needs.

Denver’s top 5 middle schools for literacy growth for students with special needs (* denotes charter school)

Denver’s top 9 middle schools for math growth for students with special needs (*denotes charter school)
  1. DSST: Byers MS*
  2. KIPP Northeast Denver Middle School*
  3. STRIVE Prep - Federal*
  4. STRIVE Prep - Sunnyside*
  5. Girls Athletic Leadership MS*



  1. DSST: GVR MS*
  2. STRIVE Prep - Federal*
  3. DSST: CG MS*
  4. DSST: Byers MS*
  5. Compass Academy MS*
  6. Grant Beacon Middle School
  7. DSST: Montview MS*
  8. Girls Athletic Leadership MS*
  9. KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy*

Second, a pat on the back to a bunch of DSST schools!  DSST Middle School @ Noel was the #1 middle school in Denver and #2 in Colorado for combined ELA/Math growth!  Congrats Bulldogs!

DSST high schools made up 5 of the top 6 schools for P/SAT math growth of all high schools in Denver, and all DSST high schools were in the top 10. And a special congratulations to DSST: GVR HS and DSST: Conservatory Green HS, which were the #1 and #3 out of Colorado’s 413 high schools (who have more than 20 students) for 2019 P/SAT math growth.

Denver’s top 10 high schools for math growth (*denotes charter school)

  1. DSST: Green Valley Ranch HS*
  2. DSST: Conservatory Green HS*
  3. Early College of Denver*
  4. DSST: Byers HS*
  5. DSST: Cole HS*
  6. DSST: Montview HS*
  7. KIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy*
  8. Collegiate Preparatory Academy
  9. Denver School of the Arts
  10. DSST: College View*

Teachers and students - great work in 2019 and we can’t wait to see how much more you can grow this school year.