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ICYMI: DSST’s College Fair Highlights!

In the midst of the big reopening news, let’s not forget the awesome virtual College Fair that juniors and seniors across the network attended on September 25. Nearly 100 colleges from around the world were in attendance, ready to share information about their schools and answer the many astute questions from DSST students.  

Even though this College Fair was virtual, it was still interactive, and students had numerous opportunities to share what they were looking forward to, what they learned, and what was important to them in choosing a college. 

kidschatThe College Fair kicks off with much anticipation!

diversitycollegefairStudents check in and see how colleges align with their values

The success of the College Fair was both thanks to the College Success teams across the network, as well as our very own DSST alums. Who better to design and create a college event than students who have recently been through the process themselves?  From the structure of the event to invitations for colleges and students, alumni worked relentlessly this summer to design and create this virtual event. They wanted to create the optimal opportunity for students to connect with and learn from colleges. Just as these past experiences have helped them successfully choose their colleges, this event was built to serve students as they make their college lists, complete applications, and choose their future.   

While nearly 100 colleges were in attendance, the event was organized in an approachable way. Colleges were organized by groups, and students were able to rotate through 3 different panel-based sessions specific to these categories. 

VCF panelistsVisiting panelists at the College Fair

The college groups included the following- click to see some of the colleges featured in each group:

Each student was able to connect with more than a dozen colleges, get their questions answered, and get their college success wheels turning. After an engaging and informative day, students are ready to take the next steps in their college success journey, whether it’s following up with their college counselor on what they heard, or seeing if the colleges they are particularly interested in will be coming back for a visit. Kudos to our Juniors and Seniors for their hard work and big dreams, virtual and in person!