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ICYMI: DSST’s College Fair Highlights!

In the midst of the big reopening news, let’s not forget the awesome virtual College Fair that juniors and seniors across the network attended on September 25. Nearly 100 colleges from around the world were in attendance, ready to share information about their schools and answer the many astute questions from DSST students.  

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Oops! An About Face for Neck Gaiters

You may have already seen the news coverage citing research that reports wearing a neck gaiter-style mask is much less effective than other masks. And isn’t it so 2020 that we just handed out these particular masks to our entire team of 800+ people, and 6,000 students?!

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DSST Families, 

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Super Staff Spotlight: Alex Haserodt-Arnold at College View MS

Every few weeks, we like to highlight an exemplary staff member that has been nominated by a colleague for the great work that they do, whether inside and outside of the classroom. 

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Physical Fitness Gets a Leg Up At DSST: Henry

The middle schoolers at DSST: Henry have new ways to get active thanks to a big grant from DPS! 8th Grade Dean of Students Marcus Pumphrey won $20,000 that will be put towards expanding after-school physical fitness beyond their current athletics offerings. Every day beginning November 18, around 50 students in the pilot program will participate in new pursuits that will get them moving. This will include a variety of activities including martial arts, rock climbing, or hiking. This grant is giving students, staff and the community an opportunity to connect on a level that would not be otherwise possible, as partnerships with community members, local colleges and universities, sporting retailers, and more are already in the works! 

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