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Oops! An About Face for Neck Gaiters

You may have already seen the news coverage citing research that reports wearing a neck gaiter-style mask is much less effective than other masks. And isn’t it so 2020 that we just handed out these particular masks to our entire team of 800+ people, and 6,000 students?!

We take the safety of our staff and students seriously. We do not recommend continuing to wear these neck gaiters as face masks. These masks were ordered back in May from a very reliable and affordable local company, and yet as we know, the world and what we know about COVID-19 continues to move at a rapid pace. For the time being, we will have disposable medical masks available to our staff in buildings if they do not have their own good fabric mask. Ultimately, we will be sourcing new fabric student and staff masks that will be aligned with this new research, and they will be available well ahead of when students would return to school to ensure a safe return. 

You and your students are probably wondering- what are we supposed to do with our snazzy new neck gaiters now? Well, here are just a few ideas below. 

roxy in maskRoxy wears her Home Office neck gaiter as a chic blouse (aka thunder shirt)

traceymaskManager of Enrollment Tracey Gifford shows off various uses for the gaiter, including headband,  post surgical ice pack holder, napkin, and fruit cozy.

coldenburpclothDirector of External Affairs & Student Recruitment and new mom Hillary Hoffman uses her former mask as a burp cloth for baby Colden

colden maskAND as a baby swaddle

sock puppetDirector of Marketing & Brand Andy Mendrop is currently workshopping a sock puppet musical- stay tuned!