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Q&A: Two DSST: College View students share why they chose DSST

We asked Marco Maximiliano and Laura Jaime, two students from our DSST: College View campus, to share why they chose DSST and why they think others should too. Here is what they said.

What made you pick DSST?

Marco: The reason I picked DSST is that I've had older siblings who were enrolled and I immediately felt connected. I liked the environment it had and how teachers and staff were interacting with their students/families. DSST's values are what intrigued me.

Laura: I picked DSST because of the endless support and community. At DSST, I was offered the opportunity to further my education without any barriers. 

What have you liked most about DSST and why?

M: I've liked how many different classes you take every year. Even though they’re in the same aspect you have the availability to take a class that expands further. Something that stuck with me would also be the help students receive from their teachers when they ask for it/need it.

L: I enjoy being at DSST because of the tight-knit community. From middle school to high school, I have had people whom I can rely on and go to whenever I need help. I have been able to create meaningful relationships because DSST provides a safe space to do so. 

Why do you think DSST stands out when compared to other schools?

M: I know DSST stands out when compared to other schools because we are a very inclusive school, we are a school that takes initiative with our studies, and DSST makes sure their students are feeling comfortable within their own skin and in their school.

L: DSST stands out when compared to other schools because of our 100% college acceptance rate, involvement with non-profit organizations, the connections available to students through our internship program and the many sports/clubs that are offered. 

How would you describe your experience at DSST to someone thinking about going to school here?

M: My experience at DSST is very comforting and independent because I am a student who works best alone and does most of their work alone. Students have the freedom to work at their pace and level. Teachers will try their best to connect with students on an educational and personal level. It is not something to take for granted because students will really appreciate it. If you’re thinking of making DSST your go-to school, definitely go for it. Make the best out of being another successful wolf in the pack!

L: At DSST, I have been given the opportunity to succeed but also to feel comfortable in the mistakes that I make. DSST is amazing, but the community really brings it all together, allowing me to flourish in ways I would’ve never thought.

What is something you value about your experience at DSST and why?

M: Something I value about my experience at DSST is that I was never really alone. I made great friends (quality over quantity) that stuck with me throughout the four years. I value the amount of effort my teachers put into getting me to be present and getting me to complete my work. I value the times I was able to stay after school for interventions, projects, and even sports practices because those are moments I'll cherish. It feels surreal. I value being able to study in this school considering its backstory and the relationship I have with it.

L: I value my growth at DSST. I know I would’ve never reached the potential I have right now if it weren’t for the help I was given. I hope that I can serve as a role model to incoming students who come from a similar background as me and allow them to realize that higher education is a possibility and not just a dream.

What other clubs, extracurriculars or programs have you participated in at DSST?

M: Some clubs I’ve participated in are a Chess elective and plays for certain classes. There was even a bridge-building contest I competed in and even won second place for the strongest bridge. I played volleyball and it was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had. I was able to meet new friends, learn from different styles and became more open.

L: From my freshman year to senior year I have taken part of Girls Inc as an intern, The Pilot Clerk and Recorder Program, Libre, Guitar Club, Vaccine Clinic, Wolf2Wolf, St.Patricks Volunteer, Kramerica Gives Leadership, Make-A-Wish Youth Leadership Council, UPenn PEEP, WorldDenver, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Basketball, Boys Varsity Soccer Manager, Intern for Senator Jeff Bridges, STEMBlazers, Student Ambassador, Thrive Scholar, Georgetown Law Early Outreach and worked on bills for our community!

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