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Spotlight on AAPI Personnel Making History in the US & DSST Community

As we at DSST continue to celebrate the multiple cultures, experiences, and backgrounds we have in our community, we are actively seeking to spotlight the living greatness of our staff. For Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month, we wanted our staff and students, particularly, to know that there is living AAPI history right inside our schools and home office. Therefore, we want to be intentional with disrupting the narrative that AAPI is only those nations, states and territories and people that border the Pacific Ocean (most prominently Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, Japan, China, and Korea). We are well aware that Asia includes nations that border the Indian Ocean and those that border no ocean.  

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A Note from Dr. Aaron J. Griffen, VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion on Recent Anti-Asian Violence

I reach out today with sadness, disappointment, and outrage around the recent racist incidents that have shaken our community. The violence we saw in Georgia earlier this week was a horrific example of the anti-Asian sentiments that persist across the country. 

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