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Physical Fitness Gets a Leg Up At DSST: Henry

The middle schoolers at DSST: Henry have new ways to get active thanks to a big grant from DPS! 8th Grade Dean of Students Marcus Pumphrey won $20,000 that will be put towards expanding after-school physical fitness beyond their current athletics offerings. Every day beginning November 18, around 50 students in the pilot program will participate in new pursuits that will get them moving. This will include a variety of activities including martial arts, rock climbing, or hiking. This grant is giving students, staff and the community an opportunity to connect on a level that would not be otherwise possible, as partnerships with community members, local colleges and universities, sporting retailers, and more are already in the works! 

It’s been proven that more opportunities for students to get active means enhanced student camaraderie, focus, and achievement.  The efficacy of this program will be measured by seeing whether the students who were more physically active (based on the tracked minutes engaged in moderate or vigorous activity) show growth in academic achievement, attendance, and socio-emotional interactions with students and staff. 

Congratulations to DSST: Henry for winning this grant and giving students a much-needed chance to blow off steam and learn new sports and hobbies. We are looking forward to seeing the ways this will pay off not just in academic achievement and student engagement, but in strengthening the larger Pride community.