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Everything happening within the DSST community and beyond.

Liftoff! Families and Students On Founding Schools

Everything in our world has a starting point. An idea turns into a business, a baby turns into a child, who then becomes an adult; people and things build off that starting point and develop into their fully fledged form. For DSST Public Schools, it’s not different. We build our campuses out not...

DSST is thankful for your support on Colorado Gives Day

As Colorado Gives Day 2017 approaches, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported DSST and our students throughout our 14 years. Furthermore, we hope you consider DSST when choosing which organization(s) you support this year.

How To Choose A School In Denver

There are less than 6 weeks left until the Denver Public Schools (DPS) School Choice process opens and families can begin selecting their schools for next year. At this point in the year, many parents are thinking “What should I be doing now to prepare to help my child choose a new school next...

Integrated Schools: The Power to transform students and our city

Recently, integrated schools have been a focus of a number of publications. And for good reason. Integrated schools have the power to close all-too-wide achievement gaps all while improving average test scores for all students and reducing all students biases.

My Choice, My Future: School Electives and Self-Discovery

Now, more than ever, students need to harness self-esteem, character, and vision to beat tremendous obstacles that stand before them. Education plays a critical role in facilitating that growth and putting it at the forefront of the school experience. In order to do this, many schools are...

6 Things Parents Should Ask Their Child's Teachers Before December

As the first half of the school year winds down, it's easy to shift focus to holiday plans and transition into “family mode”. However, winter break is actually the perfect time to take a moment to connect with your child’s teachers about the first half of the year and reset before January rolls...

Mandatory, in-school tutoring reduces stress for students

Falling behind in middle or high school can feel like falling into a hole that deepens as time passes. One misunderstood lesson can easily lead to a failed quiz or exam, a failing grade and missing credits. With delayed or even lost hopes for graduation, low academic performance can lead to...

Top 5 Reasons Students and Parents Choose Small Schools

When looking for the right school, size makes significant difference for students and their future prospects. Both social and academic factors impact students’ ability to learn, grow and be happy. Below are the five reasons why we find that students and parents choose smaller schools.