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Celebrating our seniors: DSST Montview High School

We are excited to celebrate the DSST Montview High School Class of 2021! The Montview seniors continued a cherished Montview tradition and got creative with a way to leave a lasting memory at the school! Plus, hear from Associate School Director Josh Hugo on his thoughts about the Class of 2021.

DSST celebrates Earth Month

While honoring the Earth can’t be limited to just one month, April is a great opportunity to recognize the impactful ways that students and staff across our network are supporting our planet. At the Byers, Montview, and Cole campuses, there are already many different initiatives underway, and new...

Celebrating our Seniors: DSST Green Valley ranch

We continue our celebrations of the Class of 2021 with the seniors at DSST: Green Valley Ranch!

While their senior year has been far from normal, the Class of 2021 has shown incredible resilience and commitment to the DSST core values. Check out this video the class created and a reflection from...

Women STEM leaders at DSST

We are excited to highlight just a few of the many DSST staff members who are STEM leaders in their own right, making an impact not just on the world today, but the STEM innovators of the future!  

CV HS Hosts Community Vaccine Clinic

On Sunday, March 21, the Wolves at College View High School hosted a vaccine clinic in partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), delivering 202 vaccines to local community members in just one day!