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Everything happening within the DSST community and beyond.

DSST: College View getting new home soccer field in huge win for community

DSST: College View has been trying to get a home soccer field since 2013, and after years of work and advocating for the campus, it was approved by Denver voters and a new field is officially in the works.The nearly $2.1 million project is being paid for by bond funding approved by the voters, and...

College View high schoolers celebrate incoming freshmen

The transition from middle to high school can be intimidating. It feels like the transition from being a child to taking your first step into becoming an adult. The College View campus is working to support students to help make sure they know that each one of them is valued in the Wolf Pack, and...

Black and U.S. Immigration History: What it means to be 'American'

A note from Dr. Aaron J. Griffen, VP of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Some who are versed in History, Geography, migrant patterns and Human Geography, may struggle with the notion that Black History is American History, and that to be American is to reside in and be born or naturalized to the...