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Everything happening within the DSST community and beyond.

My Choice, My Future: School Electives and Self-Discovery

Now, more than ever, students need to harness self-esteem, character, and vision to beat tremendous obstacles that stand before them. Education plays a critical role in facilitating that growth and putting it at the forefront of the school experience. In order to do this, many schools are...

Cole HS Teacher Finalist for Colorado Succeeds Innovation Prize

This past March, DSST: Cole High School’s Maggie Dering created a platform, Involve Board, to more easily share and connect students with opportunities. Maggie was awarded DPS’ Imaginarium Award last spring and this year, DSST: Cole, DSST: College View, and DSST: GVR will be using Involve Board to...

Vol. 2 - Our Staff

"We prepare our students for the future by putting character first. They will be students for a few short years, but their character will last a lifetime."

Vol. 1 - Our Students

"At DSST, when I walk into this building, I feel at home. I feel safe to speak my own thoughts. I feel accepted and welcomed by all of my peers. And I’m really, truly happy.”